Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tea Walk at Puncak

It was such a pleasant day to go to Puncak. There was no traffic. The fasting month is actually the best time to go to Puncak. It was rather cloudy, but the weather was cool. We did about 1.5-2 hours trekking on the tea plantation. I can't recall the name, it starts with M, and there is a restaurant. It is not far after the big bottle of Kecap.

There are many routes, some gently sloped, some are steeper. We did not hire any guide as Riena was quite familiar with the area. It was a nice relaxing walk. It was very refreshing to see so much greenery. The landscape and flowers were simply beautiful. Just wanna share the peacefulness, tranquility, contours, and colours with you.

Just the seven of us

Long winding paths

Reflection on the lake