Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I never thought that I would ever say this... "Hi, my name is Dewi, and I am a shopaholic". Just to make myself feel better, I want to explain that I am not the "regular" shopaholic (if there is in fact a categorization of regular and irregular or normal and abnormal shopaholic).

According to an online dictionary, a shopaholic is one who shops compulsively or frequently. This behaviour is actually considered a sickness because it is an addiction, something that one does compulsively despite knowing the harmful consequences, but provides momentary feel-good rush. (And of course the guilt afterwards).

So here is the simple checklist:
1. Can you control it? (Argghhhh... i TRY, i really do... at least i end up buying less stuffs than a lot more than i want)
2. Does it always happen when you enter a shop? (Mmm... yes...) <-- if there is a font smaller than that, i would have use it.
3. Do you feel that you have to buy something when you enter a shop otherwise you feel incomplete or empty? (Yup, that's me when I am at certain stores)
4. Does it have harmful consequences? (Duh, of course! Sakurata, u know? Flat pockets a.k.a. bokek, a.k.a. no money in your pockets)
5. Does it make you feel good? (of course, especially if i get a really good deal, hehehehe...)

Ok, now i will explain why I am not a "regular" shopaholic. I have watched the movie, and I must say that at least i dont act like her. I will only end up buying stuffs IF i go out (ya iyalah, masa blanja di rmh sendiri?) At least i dont shop online that often. But shopping at ebay gives me that rush feeling :P I dont go crazy over clothings, accessories, etc (see, i am not the "regular' type). But i will always end up buying something when i go to the supermarket and the cake ingredients & supplies shop. The good thing is, at least i am buying for the home requirements (trying to justify), and sometimes, the stuffs that i buy (like detergents, toiletries) do not expire and the house always needs these (another justification).

I have noticed that what used to be empty corners in parts of the house and my room, are now filled up with all the stuffs that i've bought! Clutters are taking over and they grow at a faster speed than consumption rate. It is like when you play the board game RISK, you see a dominating colour filling up the map.

I now have God knows how many baking pans. (One day, i will count them. Of course many are still brand new). I have probably about 25kg of various flours! More than 6kg of various kinds of chocolates! Then there are butter, nuts, cereals, bottles of colours and essences, and the list goes on and on. I can open up my own minimart now.

Initially my parents said that we would need another storage room. But yesterday my mom said that another storage room would not be enough to put all my things.

The easiest way is for me to avoid the supermarket and the cake supplies shops. That is one way. Had tried, but not that effective. Or maybe i should just go to a Shopaholic Anonymous club, if there is one.The assuring thing is, after reading a web article ( )
, i think i am just a mild case. Phew... :D