Saturday, 29 August 2009

Korean Drama - Addictive and Exhausting

Sigh... what is the thing with Korean drama series? Each one made me cry, everytime. Well, not every episode, otherwise it will be so very exhausting. But it is emotionally stretchy watching them. I am not at that level of craziness towards Korean drama series, not one of those that actually goes out to look for the latest hits.

I havent watched Korean drama for years. But more than a month ago (or probably couple months ago), my bro's gf lent me 2 series. One is Boys Before Flowers, the other is East of Eden. I wasn't too keen to watch them. Forgetting how addictive they can be, I watched the first episode of Boys Before Flowers. I actually told Firda what a boring and cheezy show it was. It came to the point where I almost stopped watching. Out of curiousity, i pretty much hanged on watching the first two episodes. After that, i reached the point of return. I think I finish the 25 episodes series in 3 days and 2 sleepless nights. I slept at 6am and 4am, 6 to 8 hours of tv marathon.

Years ago, I watched Glass Shoes with my Mom (who also loves watching Korean drama). We cried within the first 15mins of the first episode. I remember that this series made me cry pretty much almost every episode. My mom and I cried so much that we actually prepared tissue box beside us before watching :)

The thing with Korean drama series is the songs and music co-ordination. It just brings your emotional being to a different level even though you may not understand the lyrics. Even when the story has a happy ending, I can't help not feeling melancholy. The struggle that the main characters has to go through before achieving their dreams. Some of the love stories are so sad. It makes me wonder lots about being in love. It is so beautiful and yet so scary too. You just never know when the person you love will leave you. In Korean drama, if someone dies, it is usually coz of Leukemia. I dun know why it is Leukemia most of the time.

So, a little warning, prepare yourself for the sleepless nights before you start watching. Good Luck! :)

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  1. I agree with Dewi.I don't like Korean or Japan dramas because they are too cheezy..But when u start to watch it you won't be able to stop watching it until u finish the series..I like Korean guys but I don't like their movies..hahahaha