Sunday, 30 August 2009

Life is like Trekking

I went trekking to Cisadon, Sentul, yesterday with Frieda and Adri. And it reflected on me that the whole journey seems so much like life. I started very enthusiastically. Without much physical preparation, i just started walking up hill on the stoney path. Within 10mins, i started running out of breath. And i started feeling quite dizzy and uncomfortable. If it wasn't for my buddy, Adri, i would have given up. Her encouragement kept me going. She said, "a little more, we are almost there, one step at a time, the road ahead is rather flatter." Frieda was ahead of us. She made numerous stops for me to catch up. Occassionally she would call out for me, checking me out and waved to me. Just like life, when you are going uphill, you need the support and encouragement of your good friends. Thank you, Dri & Frieda! :)

And like life, rest if you must, but do not quit. Remember the friends who were there for you on the way up and down and the guides who show you to the correct paths. Share the beauty of Nature with them. When you walk, don't just focus on the road, lift your head up and see the beauty around you. See the big and small things that make up the nature as it is, from the big mountains to the little spiders, bugs, snails. And like life, the route on the trek has the same pattern too. The steep challenging road up; people who are there giving encouragement; some flatter plains and the easier tracks; people you meet along the way whom give colours in different ways by sharing their experiences or ways of living; then uphill again and continue on to our journey. It is not the destination that counts, it is the journey...

Adri & Frieda waiting for me

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Lunch break

Happiness is sharing oreo with your sis

Now, this is what i call Coffee Beans

Natural Beauty

Misty Layers

in front of Pak RT's house

LtoR: Edi (guide), Jusuf (little guide), me, Adri, Frieda
Total distance: 12 km in 5 hours

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