Monday, 3 August 2009

My reasons for blogging

I'm never a good writer or at least not good at expressing myself in words. So I thought blogging will give me that practice. Sometimes my mind can get so complicated that it feels like a tied knot. So again, i thought writing out my thoughts may help in unknotting the complicated thoughts.
I have friends who encourage me to blog and I also have friends that ask me whether I am sure that I want this blog to be available for viewing for everyone. But again, one of my main reasons for blogging is to open up and share more about myself, my passions (which are currently baking and diving), and some occasional random thoughts. So here I am, a newbie blogger. An opening up exercise for me.
I hope that as I filled this blog, you will find something useful, beautiful, or something that can bring a smile to you :)

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